Consensus is a Care Coordination platform that enables care management and utilization management. Consensus is specifically designed to affordably improve patient outcomes and manage the most complex health care cases.

Recognized for its innovative and sophisticated interface, Consensus was designed by health care professionals who are pioneers in the care coordination field. They understand the challenges of coordinating care and have designed a solution that is comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive; delivered through a scalable, adaptable platform that adjusts to your business model and can easily incorporate any tools you currently use.

Consensus Care Coordination Software designed by Clinicians for Clinicians

Easily Assess, Plan, and Coordinate Care for Patients in One Solution:

  • Case management
  • Disease management
  • Disease education
  • Utilization management
  • Prevention and wellness

Improve Health Outcomes and Increase Patient Involvement and Satisfaction

Consensus’ intuitive and user-friendly interface gives care coordinators and case managers more time to engage patients and review clinical information and less time spent entering data. They can quickly and easily assess, plan, and coordinate care for their patients. The feature-rich analysis and reporting component in Consensus presents meaningful and actionable data at the point of care.

Consensus data revolves around the patient. Integration of multiple disparate data sources delivers effective member communication, resulting in improved member satisfaction. Risk stratification and predictive analysis can be integrated in Consensus to identify high-risk, high-cost patients whowould benefit most from coordinated care.

Significant Cost Reduction

Intelligence embedded in the provider portal automates and streamlines authorization decisions. User-friendly workflows lets Consensus users work productively instead of following an inflexible and inefficient “fixed path” method. A powerful and highly flexible built-in queuing methodology in Consensus enables unique tailoring and quick modification of target population identification based on user-defined criteria including risk stratification, financial, and utilization drivers.

Improved Member Outcomes

Using Consensus led to demonstrated outcomes of 39.92% cost per member savings and 51.64% reduction in Inpatient utilization.*

*Source: Community Health Solutions of Louisiana Outcomes Reporting, 2013

Consensus Care Coordination Software Cost Savings and Impacts

The only system you need to develop customized care plans, track patient progress, and connect all those involved in the care continuum.