PEOple Premier offers full service payroll processing — reliable, flexible, accurate, and affordable solutions. Our payroll service guarantees employees are paid on time. We ensure all taxes are remitted to the proper tax agency and appropriate forms are filed on behalf of our clients.

Technology Solutions: Our experienced staff utilizes the latest technology to administer payroll. Payroll information is available online for business owners and their employees. Employees can use the web to review their hours, pay stubs, and W-4 information. Combined with our time and attendance offering, clients easily manage every aspect of their employees’ HR, payroll, and benefits — entirely online. Each client’s offering is tailored to their specific needs; we allow payroll to be submitted online, via phone, or fax.

Time and Attendance: Salaried or hourly, our time and attendance system helps manage labor costs with a full range of features and comprehensive reporting. Timesheets integrate with our payroll service through a fast and convenient approval process — no more faxing or emailing paper timesheets. Employees clock in/out using an online time clock that can optionally be accessed from a tablet or smart phone — including geo-location so you know exactly where they are when they use the time clock.

Services offered include:

  • Timely tax filing/administration
  • Accurate direct deposit and payroll checks
  • Garnishment remittance
  • Employment verification
    • Background checks
  • Accrual and tracking:
    • Paid time off/vacation
    • Sick leave
    • Paid/unpaid leave
  • Pay cards

Payroll can be bundled with our web-based Human Resource Management (HRM) solution for a complete administrative solution.