We know that you provide care for those who need it most, and we want to help. In our integrated and patient-centric care model, no one is more critical to the team than you and your staff.

We believe in continuous communication and process improvement when it comes to our providers. To that end, CHS ensures:

  • You are in charge of directing your patient’s healthcare.
  • You receive accurate data and information necessary to optimize patient care.
  • You receive timely and pertinent communications and material from our team.
  • You have easy access to our member and provider services call center (and portals, where applicable) for any questions or escalations

Provider Driven Model

Providers in our programs are the primary drivers to timely, accessible, patient-focused care delivery.

CHS knows that the keystone of its success is our providers. Our integrated care model ensures that health outcomes are optimized by partnering with the member, the member’s family, the primary care provider, specialists when needed, and other natural supports such as community-based services for a holistic approach to health care.

In a primary care-driven model of care, providers are able to eliminate barriers to care, create improved access to preventive services, and better manage patients with chronic conditions. Our care management staff partners with physicians to help members effectively manage their chronic disease and improve self-care.

Risk Stratification

The South Carolina Solutions website provides more detailed information about our programs in South Carolina.

CHS is working to create programs in other states across the country. If you would like more information, contact us by 1-800-514-7621, or email